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Zoe, Jack and Ossie – Family Portrait Photography

Zoe, Jack and Ossie - Family Portrait Photography
A few weeks ago back in mid june, I photographed Zoe and her bump, with her husband Jack down by the river. Today I photographed Zoe, Jack and tiny baby Ossie. It would be safe to say that this little guy made a rather dramatic entrance into the world and might have worried a few people, but he is here now and both Ossie and Zoe are safe and well. He's a lucky litt[...]

Family Portrait Photography, Kent

Family Portrait Photography, Kent
Hope you have had a gloriously sunny weekend? I have just got back from spending a week with my dear sister and her sweet family, the sun shone and we had a great time. It is such a privilege to see my little niece and nephew grow. They are pretty adorable, but I might be a little bias?! It did get me thinking about how I would like to do more natural and inform[...]