Black and white photo of a bride and groom dancing at a London wedding
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You see a lot of words being used by wedding photographers when they’re trying to describe their work: documentary wedding photographer, reportage, narrative, candid…the list goes on. Whilst I’m firmly in this camp too, what I call it doesn’t really matter; what matters is how I do it, and most of all, how it makes you feel on your wedding day and in years to come.


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A black and white portrait of a mother holding her new born baby at her home in London

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A bride and grrom kiss under a new moon at The Wilderness wedding venue at Preston Court

I’m a documentary style wedding photographer, which means I capture the moments as they happen, rather than trying to force them. The emotions in the moment create the perfect opportunity for me, and I love finding the right angle to immortalise them forever. You’re at your most content when you’re relaxed, so there’s no awkwardness or stiffness in my work – just pure joy, unadulterated glee, and sheer buckets of love.

Natural wedding photography has two major benefits: it means that you enjoy your wedding day uninterrupted, but it also means that when you get your gallery back, the images will take you straight back to a memory you never want to forget. Not only the big bits, but all the tiny ones too – the hand squeezes, the messy hems, the quiet tears, the proud parents, the loving glances will all be there for you, forever.




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