Ruby & Dan – An engagement shoot in a gale by the sea.

December 1, 2019

An engagement shoot in Folkestone

This blog post was supposed to go out a while ago, before a global pandemic swept the world putting us all into a tailspin. Weddings have had to be postponed, including this wonderful couple Ruby and Dan’s who were supposed to get married this May. So for now we will celebrate their love with them via zoom hangouts and know that when next year comes around their wedding is going to be the most insane party!

I encourage all my couples to have an engagement shoot for 2 reasons: 1. so that they can get to know my working style and get to feel 100% comfortable in front of the camera and 2. So that I can get to know your working style, and know how to help you in the best way possible! 

An engagement shoot are great in places that mean a lot to you – Ruby and Dan chose Folkestone because that is where they both grew up and live.  We headed to Folkestone Harbour to make full use of the industrial backdrops there. Our first stop was Richard Woods’ Holiday Homes, a tiny brick orange  home with a purple door which sits on the beach. We then moved onto the shipping containers, some of which have been left blank, providing wonderful corrugated colour pops, and some of which have been painted with murals – I particularly loved the one with a brush-stroked face painted on, as the bold red lip looked great against Ruby’s hair!

We then moved onto the harbour building itself, with wiggly blue wave lines forming our backdrop, and the ridged cream wall complete with Folkestone Harbour sign. I don’t issue much instruction to my couples – I’d much rather they were just themselves with me, rather than posed, caricature-y versions! – so Ruby and Dan just chatted and chuckled away whilst I snapped. We took a couple of slightly more posed versions – which still aren’t super posed – before moving on to the beach. 

The wind was whipping at an all time high, but Ruby and Dan dealt with it like absolute pros, smiling and laughing throughout the whole thing and just really enjoying it. The photos totally show this: they’re relaxed, natural, and clearly having a whale of a time, which makes me even more excited for their wedding day! 

Ruby & Dan I can not wait to celebrate with you. xxx