London Family Photographer

So you’re here because you would like your family photographing just as they are in their perfect, un-perfectness! Snotty noses, scuffed knees, tears, bumps and all! Because these moments are so fleeting, kids grow up so fast (too fast), these are the most precious moments and you would like them documented for you and your children’s children!

The Essentials

Each family photography shoot lasts 1.5 hours but don’t panic – If the kids are tired and therefore we run over slightly, that’s absolutely fine!

Within 24 hours you’ll get a sneak peek of 2-3 images. Then, a week later you’ll receive the online gallery complete with around 50 beautifully edited photos. These will be high resolution, meaning they’re ready for you to download or print. You can even print them directly from the gallery – albums, magazines and frames all printed on archival quality paper are available to purchase, perfect for the mantelpiece or gifts for family members.

Family Photography Sessions start at £450

London family photography shoot – £600
Camber Sands beach photography shoot – £450
Got somewhere or something else in mind? I’d love to hear it – get in touch here!