So you’re here because you would like your family photographing just as they are in their perfect, un-perfectness! Snotty noses, scuffed knees, tears, bumps and all! Because these moments are so fleeting, kids grow up so fast (too fast), these are the most precious moments and you would like them documented for you and your children’s children!

Baby Susys first Birthday
Fun Kent Family Photography-1
Fun Kent Family Photography-1-6
Fun Kent Family Photography-1-5
Fun Kent Family Photography-1-3
Fun Kent Family Photography-1-14
Fun Kent Family Photography-1-17
Fun Kent Family Photography-1-11
Fun Kent Family Photography-1-12
Claire and Baby Bump

Thank you so, so much they are just perfect. You've captured us both so perfectly, I've never had my photo taken like that before and I look just how you made me feel, relaxed and happy.

A photo of a new born baby photographed by Matilda Delves natural family photographer

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