Fun, laidback family photographer in London

Family. It’s everything – so why do we never capture enough photos of it whilst we’ve got it? There’s always someone having to stand behind the camera to press the button, while those on the other side start to get lockjaw from sitting and fake smiling for so long. But family photography doesn’t have to be contrived or static: it can be, just like life, real and honest and ultimately wonderful.

Love a big walk as a family? Let’s go for a London family photoshoot in Richmond Park. Or maybe you prefer to run around on the beach and feel the sand in between your toes: we can spend some time at the beautiful Camber Sands. Perhaps you’d rather be captured at home (after all, it is where the heart is!): whatever it is sounds peachy to me.

Outdoors or indoors, a special occasion or a regular Sunday, rain or shine: I believe that capturing the beauty and honesty of everyday lives is what family photography is all about.