Bride and groom standing on the jetty at their West Reservoir Centre wedding reception

West Reservoir Centre Wedding with amazing style and a Hampstead Heath wedding ceremony

Angela and Tom really went through it when they were planning their West Reservoir Centre wedding: not only did they have to move their date 4 times, but closer to the eventual date they also had to contend with travel disruption, including a rail strike and cancelled flights (and not just any flight: the bride’s from Switzerland!)

They didn’t let any of this spoil the day, though, and when their date finally arrived, it was worth the waiting and chaos. Their West Reservoir Centre wedding was laidback, loaded with the love of family and friends, and looked gorgeous to boot – all the ingredients for a perfect day!

Outdoor Hampstead Heath wedding ceremony

Angela and Tom’s wedding was a smörgåsbord of amazing venues, so if you’re on the hunt for some North London wedding inspiration it’s a great one to save.

Before their West Reservoir Centre wedding reception, I started the day with Tom and his best men at The Spaniards Inn, a pub on the edge of Hampstead Heath. It’s an iconic location immortalised in London history thanks to writers like Dickens, Keats, and more, so hanging out in the garden was a lovely way to kick off this sunny summer’s wedding day. (If you’re planning to get ready separately, you might want to consider adding a second shooter to your wedding photography. This means you’ll have photos of both of you, and all of your nerves and excitement before the big moment!)

From The Spaniards Inn we headed to The Hill Garden and Pergola, a stunning hidden gem nestled in the heart of Hampstead Heath. Angela and Tom’s guests sat on chairs on the lawn of the Hill Garden, a landscaped garden originally part of a manor house that’s now demolished.  While two of Tom’s best men played acoustic guitar, the celebrant stood underneath the beautiful Georgian arbour of the Pergola, ready to welcome the bride down the aisle.

West Reservoir Centre wedding

A palette of summer brights

Angela and her bridesmaids stepped out of the black taxi in a riot of summer colour. Her bridesmaids wore a perfectly mixed and matched selection of yellow, orange and green outfits, which contrasted beautifully with Angela’s simple, sleek white wedding dress (and amazing statement shaped earrings.)

And in turn, her wedding dress was the ideal base for their vivid, jaw-dropping flowers, created by the incredibly talented Borrowed Light Florals. Each bouquet featured flowers in bright orange, yellow deep magenta and beautiful lilac-y blue, perfectly emulating the bridesmaids’ outfits. However, perhaps the best thing about these bouquets was their shape: simultaneously arranged yet lavishly free, the flowers themselves were species not commonly used for weddings, giving them a luxurious, wild feel. This was perfectly in keeping with The Pergola and its outside-in feel, and the fairytale vibe of Angela and Tom’s wedding ceremony.

A bride and her bridesmaids dressed in pastel mis-matching dress walk down the track to a  The Hill Garden and Pergola wedding
The grooms party lead by a guitarist walk to a  The Hill Garden and Pergola wedding in North London

West Reservoir Centre wedding reception

From Hampstead Heath to Hackney: after the ceremony Angela, Tom and their guests made their way to the second venue: the West Reservoir Centre in Stoke Newington.

This incredible venue ensures that every West Reservoir Centre wedding will be nothing short of magical. Originally built as a 1930s filter house it has a bohemian, industrial feel, including some of the original hydraulic features. However, step outside and you’re suddenly taking in serene views across the water to the skyline beyond, with decking going right up to the reservoir’s edge (you can swim, sail, and kayak in the water, too!)

Another thing that sets a West Reservoir Centre wedding apart from other industrial wedding venues is the light. Oh my god, the light (I know it’s a bit of a wedding photographer trope to talk about the light, but that’s only because it plays a massive part in how your wedding photos will come out). Both on camera and in real life, the light in the West Reservoir Centre is totally dreamy thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows along the main wall. Not only does this mean you can gaze out onto the water as you eat, but it also means that the building is flooded with natural light, a really unique feature for an industrial wedding venue.

Sunset speeches and dancing til dark

After drinks out on the decking guests took their seats at the long trestle tables that lined the venue. Angela and Tom’s sat at the top table in front of that gorgeous feature window, and underneath a stunning foliage cloud (another good thing about a West Reservoir Centre wedding: beams to hang stuff on!)

Between courses, Angela, Tom and their loved ones made their hilarious, poignant speeches (the Disappearing Dining Club were on dinner duty, and they absolutely KILLED it. I might have sampled one of their non-alcoholic margaritas, too…it was delicious!)

We made the most of golden hour by taking some photos on the jetty, where the brilliant azure sky and water almost blended into one. As the sun started to set speeches continued, and then it was time for the evening portion to begin! Angela and Tom had Wedding Smashers as their DJs and, as their name suggests, they absolutely smashed it – the party was non-stop. There was even gold confetti at one point!

I loved Angela and Tom’s West Reservoir Centre wedding for so many reasons. The venue was stunning (did I mention the light…?), the styling was to die for, and most of all, the bride and groom and all of their loved ones had the party of a lifetime. I mean, what could be better?

A black and white photo of guest having fun at a West Reservoir Centre wedding
West Reservoir Centre lit up at night
A goup of bridesmaids in mismatching brightly coloured dress at a The Hill Garden and Pergola wedding in North London
A simple table set up for a north london wedding at the West Reservoir

Relaxed London wedding photographer

If you’re planning a West Reservoir Centre wedding and are looking for a relaxed London wedding photographer who can capture it all unobtrusively for you, then I’d love to chat. Or perhaps you’re looking at a different venue, but with a similar laidback feel – either way, you can get in touch here. I can’t wait to hear all about your plans so far!

The suppliers who made this West Reservoir Centre wedding possible:

Venue: West Reservoir Centre

Co-ordinator: Dita Rosted Events

Florist: Borrowed Light Florals

Catering: Disappearing Dining Club