Featured Photography on VSCO Grid

June 5, 2014

Three of my images got picked for and featured on VSCO grid yesterday! This is a real honour, there are so many amazing photographers out there and three of mine made the cut.

I’m a little in love with VSCO, which are filters that recreate the look of old film. When I started in photography years ago I had my dads trusty old hand me down olympus 35mm camera, which was my baby! I took it everywhere with me. The look of those old prints, bring back a real nostalgia. There is a softness to film that is so flattering, and the gives a real feeling of depth. Was so happy to find VSCO film filters because it  allows me to recreate that feel with my now trusty digital canon.

So thank you VSCO, I’m over the moon! xxx


VSCO grid

VSCO grid

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