Black and white photo of a bride and groom dancing at a London wedding

Alternative Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Alternative Wedding Entertainment Ideas.

The main point of weddings is pretty simple: nothing more complex than to celebrate your love and your new marriage to each other. However, one of the other big things you probably want to achieve with the day is throwing one helluva party that your guests will be talking about for years to come. You want your family and friends to have an absolute ball, right?

This can seem like a pretty daunting task – hosting is pretty stressful anyway, never mind an event where you can’t (and shouldn’t) be around to oversee and troubleshoot every minute detail – but the key is in incredible entertainment. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some awesome forms of alternative wedding entertainment over my years as a natural wedding photographer, and have a few more on my bucket list so thought I’d share them with you all below!

Inside of the main barn at Preston court

My number one tip though is don’t get overwhelmed at all the choices, and remember it doesn’t need to be a Hollywood-style production with things at every turn. At the end of the day if the prospect of having a day with all of your nearest and dearest celebrating your marriage isn’t exciting enough for someone, they’re probably not close enough to be invited in the first place.

A wedding band at The Oak Barn In Benenden

Here’s some ideas for alternative wedding entertainment ideas:

No Limit Street Band

No Limit Street Band are an 8-piece brass band that will blow your MIND. Their raw, energetic covers of party anthems and pop classics will destroy everything you thought you knew about wedding musicians and show you what a cool wedding band can do. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them before and the dancefloor was unreal!

Black and white photo of two wedding guests dancing at a London wedding

A confetti pony

I know he sounds too good to be true, but he’s real: Jack Brock the Confetti Pony is going to make all your dreams come to fruition. He’s a miniature Shetland pony who arrives at the churchyard carrying confetti in a smart leather bridle for your guests to enjoy. Not only is he a super cute transport for the confetti, but he’s also great distraction for your guests – suddenly their shoes aren’t pinching quite as much and the weather isn’t quite as wintery as it felt a second ago, because all eyes are on Jack.

A gif photobooth

I know photobooths have dominated the wedding scene for a good while now, but you’ve never seen a photobooth like this. Not only does it reel out a lovely printed photo with a memento of your time, but it also converts it into a gif that you can then get online forever more. There’s hilarious prompts to get over the ‘what do I do in front of the camera’ fear (we’ve all been there – it’s why I’m a documentary wedding photographer!) and they’re a hilarious and heart-warming reminder of an amazing day.

Singing waiters

A troop of singing waiters will liven up any and every wedding reception. Suddenly your waiters will set down their trays and burst into song – it’s impossible for your guests to not get involved when they’re literally sat in the middle of it!