Wedding day timings and how your photography fits into it.

Wedding day timings are all obviously going to be slightly different, but there are still certain things that inevitably shape how the day runs and how the photography fits into it all. Just as each couple is totally different, each wedding is totally different too, meaning there’s no clear-cut guide for timings or a running order – so do take this with a pinch of salt (and tequila. And a lime).

Getting ready

I usually start shooting the day a few hours before the ceremony begins. This normally means hanging out with the bridal party getting ready, whether that’s an 8-strong girl band of women prepping, a chilled one with just the bride’s close family, or both of you getting ready together. If you’re having a make-up artist, they’ll be able to help you work out their rough timeframe. This is also a great time for me to go and scope some good locations for later on, if you’re getting ready in the same venue as the reception. (1.5 – 2 hours)


If the wedding day timings allow it and the other partner is getting ready in the same location, I’ll then go and get some photos of this too. Alternatively, if they’re getting ready elsewhere, I’ll go to the ceremony venue, to capture their nervous excitement!

A bride with courful confetti over her feet at a Stoke Newington Town Hall Wedding


After the ceremony, my hands-off photography style really allows me to blend in with your day and capture the emotion and excitement of the day as it unfolds.

Group shots

These always take longer than you think, so I always allow 5 minutes for each group shot in your wedding day timings. It really helps if there’s a bridesmaid, best man or usher – or whomever, as long as they have a loud voice – who can help organise finding everyone. It may be worth compiling a list of people in advance of the day and forwarding it to the person in charge. Bear in mind that these 5 minutes tot up quite quickly, so I do ask that we limit the group shots so that you can enjoy the party with the group instead. We can then get them done as quickly as possible allowing you to get back to the party. (15- 20 mins)

Couples’ shots

Don’t worry – this bit won’t be posey either! At some point in the day it’s great to go off on your own for a bit (with me in tow, obviously). It’s a great way of spending some time together just the two of you, reflecting on the fact that you’ve only gone and got married, and taking a breather from the sensory and emotional overload of the main party. On top of that, it makes for some incredible shots of the details of your love story. In the summer, the absolute best time for your couple shots is known as ‘golden hour’, just before the sun is setting. Unfortunately, due to our erratic and sometimes miserable British weather, we can’t count on the sun, so I advise you factor in a little time just before or after the group shots to have some couples’ portraits taken too. Then, if the sunset is glorious and bathing you in golden light, we can get some more gorgeous shots, and thank the Sun profusely for its help!